Finding Walker

After a long day of wandering around Southside Richmond, taking pictures, I decided to head back home. Taking the scenic route (ie. missing my turn onto the highway), I wound up driving past Black Swan Books. Suddenly, I got the impulse to stop, turn around, and venture inside. After browsing the bins in the front, I headed to the back room, for whatever reason, and noticed some art books in a display case. One of them jumped out at me - "Walker Evans: American Photographs". An autographed copy. After a day of shooting some of the buildings and scenery of Southside, there I was, holding a copy of a book that the master, Mr. Evans, held some 50 years ago. I sounds ridiculous, but I felt like this was a wink, or a pat on the back, from a man who's work I've long admired. If the book wasn't priced at $400 this story might have a happier ending. I did go home and upload my photos to Lightroom, some of which I've posted in the last few days. I hope the man from St. Louis was smiling down on me.

Walker Evans biographer, Belinda Rathbone wrote: "His depiction of the commonplace and rejected was a matter of personal taste rather than an effort to change the world" (From the book: Walker Evans A Biography). UPDATE: I was back in Black Swan bookstore yesterday and realized that this copy was actually signed by the photographer Emmet Gowin - he signed his own name and Walker's.