I can't remember if there was a moment when I decided to become a photographer. I've been shooting since I had my first camera, a simple Kodak Instamatic. In fact, through the years, photography has been the one constant in my life. 

I’ve spent nearly four decades walking around with my camera, making pictures. Some of my photographer friends refer to my work as “vivid, humanistic, gritty or sublime”. I’ll let you be the judge. 

What I hope to achieve in my photography is to capture a moment of visual poetry. Sometimes it’s a bit of irony, other times it's simply a face that catches my interest. I shoot with intention, but I’m often pleased with the accidental and unexpected that may arise.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my images.


S.A. Hopkins


Recent exhibitions and publications:

May 2017 - "Chiaroscuro" - Group show - Darkroom Gallery - Essex Junction, Vermont

June 2016 - "Construct: Art in Architecture" - Group show - Darkroom Gallery - Essex Junction, Vermont

July 2014- "Focus: Landscape and Architecture" - Group show - Black Box Gallery - Portland, Oregon

June 2014- "XY; Masculinity in Photography" Group show - Darkroom Gallery - Essex Junction, Vermont

May 2014- "The World Through The Lens" Group show - Unique Art Gallery - Jupiter, Florida

August 2014 - Washington Post Travel Section - Savannah Morning (below)

In the media:

Luxe magazine May / June 2017 Miami issue:

          "His work, best described as visual poetry, captures a true sense of self and place reflecting a person or building frozen in time."

From PicsArt Photo Studio:

Interview: Street Photographer S.A. Hopkins Captures the Real Miami "S.A. Hopkins is one of those guys that looks down a street and just zeroes in on the humanity. He tunes in on all of those small moments...[and he] manages to get all of that life in his camera. Based in Miami, Hopkins has poured his heart and enthusiasm into photography since the days of darkrooms and it shows up big time in his work. That passion for photography really came through in our chat with him and we learned a lot about the mind of a street photography pro." Full article with photos here.

Interview:  RVA Creates - Richmond, Virginia arts community blog.

From Miami Art Scene (Miami art blog):

The Visual Poetry of Miami-based Photographer S.A. Hopkins "Miami-based photographer S.A. Hopkins simplistically captures the deeper layers of feelings hidden beneath the surface of our physical reality. He shows us his perception of the world through his sophisticated images, which uncover a pureness of heart."  Full article here.

Blurb's review of "Faces and Places":

“It’s hard to choose just one image from S.A. Hopkins’ collection “Faces and Places,” but this one is a real standout for us [photo of the man with hat, shown in this article]. From analog street photography to digital landscapes, the range in this book is fascinating. Though it covers 40 years, there’s a remarkable consistency to the work, but also a sense of personal innovation and exploration. Congrats on a great book!”

From The Rickie Report (Palm Beach, FL art blog):

"It’s a rare occasion that you come across a photographer that really makes a difference.  I’d like you to look at the work of such a photographer, S.A. Hopkins.  I came across his work on one of the photo sharing sites and I’ve been followinghis work for quite some time now. I’ve seen the impact his images have on his audience.  So what makes this photographer so unique? He doesn’t just register the world around him. He photographs with engagement, a close personal connection to his subjects, whether it’s on the streets or more personal subjects and with a passion and a keen and unique eye that makes his oeuvre so compelling… his work is subtle, humorous or gritty at times, but always has the power to evoke emotions to the viewer.”